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isole dimenticate della laguna di venezia


Subtitle: venticinque isole e le loro storie illustrate a mano

Author: lodi t.

Publisher: il leggio libreria editrice

ISBN: 9791220010344

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the foreword: “This book recounts of all those islands abandoned and then forgotten that once constituted the rich archipelago of the Serenissima Republic. As with the book of the Crovato brothers (“Isole abbandonate della Laguna di Venezia” of 1978) this account would like to be a constant reminder of what these islands once were, by again offering on all too seldom discussed subject. These pages are an attempt to rise awareness of how many islands, each with its own story, lie waiting only to be remembered, requalified and, finally, put to use again. Conceived therefore to encourage anyone who so desires, to launch a skiff or a motorboat into the waters now sacrificed to the culture of plastic and to dream of a finding that small lost paradise: the archipelago called Venice”.

Price of the book € 30,00 + € 7,00 for the delivery at the bookstore.

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2017

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