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the arming and fitting of english ships of war 1600-1815

Author: brian lavery

Publisher: conway (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9780851774510

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Raro esemplare della prima edizione della Conway Maritime Press del 1987 in perfetto stato di conservazione. In-4, legatura editoriale con copertina rigida telata nera e impressioni oro al dorso; con sovraccoperta in carta plastificata (ingiallita e con qualche segno del tempo ai tagli) illustrata a colori con alette; 320 pp., con antiporta illustrata in nero e numerosissime illustrazioni in nero nel testo.

Designed by Roger Lightfoot.

Dalla quarta di copertina: The Royal Navy armed and fitted out literally thousands of wooden warships between 1600 and 1815, and virtually every item or process was the subject of alteration and improvement during this period. For the first time, in this book the precise details of these developments are set out, wherever possible with exact information on sizes and scantlings based on reliable contemporary sources. This makes the book an indispensable guide to all historical ship modellers, but it also provides a wider analysis of technological development which will be of great value to maritime historians and industrial archaeologists.

This book now completes the detailed technical coverage of the wooden warship begun by James Lees’ Masting and Rigging and Peter Goodwin’s Sailing Man of War.


  • Steering: Rudders – Tiller and Whipstaff – The Steering Wheel – Navigational Fittings
  • Anchors and Capstans: Anchors – Capstans – Cables and Accessories – Anchor Tackle
  • Underwater Protection: Graving and Paying – Wood and Lead Sheathing – Copper Sheathing
  • Pumps: Pumps and Drainage – The Improved Chain Pump and the Brake Pump
  • Guns: The Supply of Guns – Materials: Brass and Iron – The Shape of Guns – The Proportions of Guns – Types of Gun – Carronades
  • The Distribution of Guns: Early Armaments – The Establishments – Types of Ship – The Age of the Carronade
  • Gun Equipment: Gun Carriages – Powder, Shot and Stores – Gun Tackle and Equipment – Magazines
  • Accomodation: General Layout – The Layout of Cabins – Captains and Admirals – The Structure and Fitting of Cabins – Hammocks – The Messes
  • Internal Fittings: Stowage of the Hold – Store Rooms – Cooking – Sanitary and Medical Arrangements
  • The Ship’s Boats: The Uses of Boats – The Contruction of Boats – Types of Boat – Boat Fittings – Boat Establishments – The Stowage of Boats
  • Deck Fittings: Hatches and Ladders – Rails and Nettings – Awnings and Gangways – Communication
  • Appendix: Extensive Selection of Contemporary Sources