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skrei the journey

Subtitle: a story between italy and norway

Author: valentina tamborra

Publisher: silvana editoriale

ISBN: 9788836647026

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Valentina Tamborra, a Milanese photojournalist gifted with a profound sensibility, constructs a unique bridge between Italy and Norway, with cod fishing as the common denominator.
She retraces the steps of the 15th-century voyage of the Venetian nobleman and merchant Pietro Querini, who after being shipwrecked in the Lofoten Islands, discovered both the hospitality of the local fishermen and the unique qualities of the fish he would eventually export to his native city.
But Tamborra is not a simple observer of life on these islands; she investigates, explores, shares the stories, hard work, and joy, in a visual narration that focuses in on the people and extends out over the extraordinary landscapes, dotted with structures for drying cod that her lens transforms into evocative installations.

Languages: English and Italian.

Edition: 2020

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