yachtmaster scheme (RYA)


Subtitle: syllabus and logbook

Author: aa.vv.

Publisher: the royal yachting association (rya)

ISBN: 9781910017074

Provided on request

Provided on request


This new book provides detailed informations about the structure and content of the practical and shorebased courses for both sail and motor cruising within the RYA Yachtmaster Scheme. The RYA’s renowned practical training is complemented by a structured shorebased learning process on the theory of navigation, safety, seamanship and by specialist one-day courses on skills such as first aid and sea survival. This book informs you of what to expect when taking any RYA sail or motor-cruising course and also provides pages for you to log your progress and keep your certificates. Your personal boating experience, from starting out up to RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, will be enhanced by this book.

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