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harbour manoeuvres step-by-step


Author: lars bolle – klaus andrews

Publisher: adlard coles nautical (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9781408158951

1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Every boatowner needs to manoeuvre their boat in harbour – whether in their home marina or when visiting another marina along the coast. And it’s when entering or leaving harbour that good boat handling skills have to be faultless – otherwise expensive damage can ensue.

This unique step by step photographic book will show a helmsman exactly where to position the boat (and what action to apply to a wheel, tiller or throttle lever) in order to place it there. With no brakes, and often with wind and tide to contend with, it can be a tricky exercise.

This is the book that will act as an instructor alongside the novice or nervous experienced helmsman every step of the way, showing exactly what to do in each situation – berthing alongside with an onshore wind; an offshore wind; with a favourable tide; a contrary tide; with both wind and tide acting together or against etc. Bird’s eye step-by-step photos show exactly what action to take.

A unique handbook, Harbour Manoeuvres Step-by-Step covers in great detail everything needed to master this essential skill.

Edition: 2012