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ship construction


Author: bruce g. eyres d.

Publisher: elsevier ltd

ISBN: 9780080972398

Provided on request

Provided on request


“Ship Construction” offers guidance for ship design and shipbuilding from start to finish. It provides an overview of current shipyard techniques, safety in shipyard practice, materials and strengths, welding, cutting and ship structure, along with computer-aided design and manufacture, international regulations for ship types, new materials and fabrication technologies. Comprised of seven sections divided into 32 chapters, the book introduces the reader to shipbuilding, including the basic design of a ship, ship dimensions and category and development of ship types. It then turns to a discussion of rules and regulations governing ship strength and structural integrity, testing of materials used in ship construction, and welding practices and weld testing. Developments in the layout of a shipyard are also considered, along with development of the initial structural and arrangement design into information usable by production, the processes involved in the preparation and machining of a plate or section and how a ship structure is assembled. A number of websites containing further information, drawings and photographs, as well as regulations that apply to ships and their construction, are listed at the end of most chapters. This text is an invaluable resource for students of marine sciences and technology, practicing marine engineers and naval architects and professionals from other disciplines ranging from law to insurance, accounting and logistics.

Edition: 2012