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how to build a wooden boat


Author: mcintosh d.c. manning s.f.

Publisher: woodenboat books

ISBN: 9780937822104

Provided on request

Provided on request


Here is everything you need to know to construct a carvel planked cruising boat, with no more than a set of plans, a stack of lumber and a determination. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a book which does a better job of telling you how to go about the process. Bud McIntosh had a gift for explaining as well as building and designing. Combine Bud’s text with the elegant yet clean drawings of Sam Manning and you have a classic text.

Contents: Laying Down; The Making of Molds; The Ballast Keel; The Backbone: Keel and Sternpost; The Backbone: Stem, Rabbet and Frame Sockets; The Backbone: Tail Feather, Transom, Molds and Sheer; Ribbands and Timbering Off; Floor Timbers; The Planking Process: From the Sheer Down; The Planking Process: From the Garboard Up; A Smooth and Fair Hull; Ceilings; Fitting the Deck Framing; Laying the Deck; Building the House; Hatches and Other Deck Joinery; Fittings the Bulkheads; Spars; The Rudder; Tools and Devices.