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clinker plywood boatbuilding manual


Author: iain oughtred

Publisher: woodenboat books

ISBN: 9780937822612

Provided on request

Provided on request


Iain Oughtred is the well-known designer of elegant glued-lapstrake plywood boats, including the Acorn Skiffs, Gray Seal, Caledonia Yawl, Whilly Boat and more. We have been offering his detailed boatbuilding plans for years, so the book was a natural fit. And, you may have noticed many of his designs in WoodenBoat magazine’s Launchings column. With the book in hand and a set of his plans, you can hardly go wrong.

“Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual” is encompassing enough to guide you through any lapstrake (aka Clinker) boatbuilding project. It covers tools and materials needed, lining off, setting up the building jig, planking, interior work and fitting out. There are hundreds of drawings, hundreds of photos and it’s dosed liberally with Iain’s pragmatic experience.