here comes the sun


Autore: marco rigamonti

Editore: edizioni postcart

ISBN: 9788886795609

2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)


Winter sea as an expanse of the soul and summer sea as a social holiday ritual. The colors, the shape, the appearance change, the perception of time itself changes. Rigamonti shows the same places, apparently so different. The caress of time on the world becomes the real protagonist, the light the tool and the horizon that extreme, fascinating point where opposites meet.

From the author’s words: “For years I saw the Cote d’Azur only in winter and I photographed it like this, deserted, without people, but with those clouds and those evanescent pastel shades that characterize this coast. Then a year, just a year, I decided to come back also in summer. The places are the same, but their soul has changed, time and man with his interventions and his presence have changed them, perhaps violated forever in my memory”.

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2013

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