save the dolphins


Autore: donoghue m. wheeler a.

Editore: sheridan house

ISBN: 9780924486074

1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


This important and timely new book celebrates the beauty and wonder of the world’s dolphins and small whales and makes a plea to save the many species that are acutely endangered. It identifies and describes the threats currently facing these wise and gentle creatures, such as “wall of death” nets, poors-saning and even hunting or deliberate harassment by humans. Also included is the story of how inshore habitats have become so polluted that, for example, the belugas of the St Lawrence Seaway have become sterile and are doomed to extinction. And dolphins are deliberately pursued and slaughtered around Japan, South America and the Black Sea because they compete with commercially valued fish and are used for food, fertlizier or even crab bite. From Asia and South America come accounts of the most endangered dolphins of all: small river-dwelling species like the Ganges River dolphin, which are very restricted in distribution and now extremely rare because of hunting and habitat destruction.

Edition: 1990

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