Autore: geert vons – roger olmos

Editore: logos

ISBN: 9788857610405

Provided on request

Provided on request


Somewhere between Iceland and Norway, in the North Atlantic Ocean, is an archipelago of 18 small volcanic islands: The Faroe Islands. One day, near one of these islands, a ship appears flying a black flag with a white skull: the ship of the good pirates of Sea Shepherd, who navigate the waters of the world to protect and save sea creatures.

They land on one of the islands in a beautiful early summer evening and find themselves in a picturesque fisherman’s village, surrounded by uncontaminated nature, where time seems to have never passed.
But the beautiful scenery is soon shattered. In no time the island comes urgently alive: fishermen suddenly set out to sea, to chase hundreds of pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins passing near the islands in search of fish and squids to eat. Adults, adolescents and old people run towards the beach, clutching knives, hooks and sharp sickles. Suddenly, the clear glimmering sea runs red…

It is a special day for the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands, the day of the Grindadráp. In the distant past the Grindadráp was deeply important because whaling enabled the entire population to survive, while today it is only a tradition. The meat of these mammals can no longer be eaten every day, due to the degree of ocean pollution, which can make it harmful to humans.

Each year a thousand pilot whales and other cetaceans are killed just to keep an old tradition alive. Each year, Sea Shepherd travels to the Faroe Islands to photograph and document the slaughter that takes place there, trying to increase global public awareness.

This book is a new, important memento that combines the touching story told by Geert Vons (Sea Shepherd) with the evocative, vibrant images by Roger Olmos, vegan artist and animal-rights activist who has been promoting respect for the environment and all living creature for years through his art.

With this book #logosedizioni, in collaboration with Sea Shepherd, launches a new book series aimed at making people of all ages aware of all the crimes committed every day against the oceans and the creatures that inhabit it.

Age: 10+

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2019

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