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Sottotitolo: june 2019

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In the June issue of Yachting World, Toby Hodges tests the new Swan 65 and asks if it can live up to its illustrious forebear? Pip Hare explains how to avoid furler trouble, Tom Cunliffe dares to stop off on the shoals of Ushant, plus the results of our 2018 ARC skippers’ survey are revealed.


Double-handers flock to a Fastnet Race that sold out in minutes

Giant Ultimate trimarans to race 14000 miles round the Atlantic

French designer Philippe Briand unveils 300ft eco ketch concept

Climb about the foiling SailGP simulator with Toby Heppell


Bluewater gear survey

How much should you spend on equipment for ocean sailing? And what gear can you not do without?

Cruising as a couple

Is sailing around the world with your partner the ultimate bluewater dream? We meet the World ARC couples who have done it

Man of the world

Elaine Bunting meets Andrew Bishop, the man behind the ARC Rally, whose ideas shape so man cruising dreams

On the edge

So daunting were the shoals of Ushant that it was years before Tom Cunliffe dated to stop there. But what a reward it was…

Return of an icon

Can the new Swan 65 live up to its illustrious forebear? Toby Hodges sails it to find out

Special report

Sailing safely near troubled Venezuela

New gear and yachts

Thoroughbred cruisers: Amel 60; Oyster 565; Swan 48; Rustler 57

Affordable, fast internet at sea, plus other new gear to the market

Spinlock Deckvest VITO tested during a race across the Atlantic

Practical features

Extraordinary boats

The custom 53ft catamaran Fujin

Navigation briefing

Predicating a sea state

Masterclass with Pip Hare

How to avoid furler trouble

5 tips

Tim Powell on how to kickstart a winning race season


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