the sextant handbook

Sottotitolo: adjustment, repair, use and history

Autore: bauer b.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780070052192


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Here is the indispensable reference that should accompany the instrument aboard. Cmdr. Bruce Bauer, a professional navigator and master mariner with the U.S. Merchant Marine, has distilled years of hands-on experience into an eminently readable guide to buying, adjusting, using and repairing sextants. “The Sextant Handbook” is dedicated to the premise that electronic navigation devices, while too convenient to disregard, are too vulnerable to rely on exclusively. The book is designed to make beginner and expert alike conversant with this most beautiful and functional of the navigator’s tools. Topics include:

– Assembly and Disassembly

– Vital Adjustments

– Avoiding Problems

– Rough Weather Sightings

– Oiling and Cleaning

– Immersion Baths

– Emergency Silvering

– Finding and Buying Used Sextants and much more

You’ll also find a list of distributors, manufacturers and dealers worldwide, a discussion of future trends and numerous helpful hints, including sighting with eyeglasses and using a Rude starfinder. All in a thoroughly revised edition of a book acclaimed by navigation professionals.

Edition: 1995


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