lighthouses of the pacific

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Autore: gibbs j.a.

Editore: schiffer books = cornell maritime = tidewater

ISBN: 9780887400544

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History and good entertaining reading are combined in this presentation of all the lighthouses along the coasts of Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska and British Columbia. Pages of black and white and colored photographs embellish and outstanding text presenting the special drama, history, color and action that have been so much a part of nautical Americana. Jim Gibbs has provided extraordinary detail and information on the very first lighthouses of the Pacific Coast as well as the United States efforts to light the capes and outcrops of the Pacific Coast. He presents the fabulous Fresnel prismatic lenses illuminated by oil flames and explains the evolution of the “miracle” aids to navigation that could pierce the fog. The reader is further entertained by exciting stories of ghosts, apparitions and unsolved mysteries connected with these lighthouses. The dramatic text and vast amount of information provided for the reader an enjoyable adventure in the “Lighthouses of the Pacific”.


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