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Sottotitolo: the world of superyachts

Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: delius klasing

ISBN: 9771866692012

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Boat Exclusive is the continuation of a success story. 30 years ago, the German magazine Boote Exclusiv was launched. Providing expert insight into the world of superyachts in compelling articles and with German dedication to quality, the magazine has achieved a global audience.

In response to pressure from our readers and advertisers all over the world , we launched 2008 an English version of our magazine, entitled BOAT EXCLUSIVE, to bring our years of expertise and global perspective to the worldwide super-yacht market. 

Boat Exclusive tears down the language barrier and is available in 57 countries around the world with a print run of 55000. The magazine is also be present at all the major international boat shows including Miami, Singapore, Cannes, Monaco, Genoa, Ft. Lauderdale, Amsterdam and Sydney.

The editorial team of Boat Exclusive combines yacht expertise with great writing: the best writers and correspondents from seven countries provide an in-depth coverage that is unrivalled in the market.

The magazine’s print and paper quality makes the stories and photographs a feast for the eyes of our discerning readers, as Boat Exclusiv keeps them fully informed and up to date with all the latest developments in the world of the super yacht.

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