the superyachts volume 36


Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: boat international media ltd


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The Superyachts 2023 (Volume 36) continues the unbroken sequence of the most spectacular book on the most spectacular yachts…

  • Tour 21 stunning yachts, all with remarkable diversity, quality and beauty
  • The spectacular yachts are all the fulfilment of the owners dreams, showcasing the fastest, sleekest and most beautiful to grace the waves
  • Discover the yachts that won the 2022 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards, alongside winners of the World Superyacht Awards
  • Browse the latest register of the world’s top 200 largest yachts
  • Alphabetical listing of all yachts profiled in all volumes

Your 18 breathtaking yachts:

Al waab, Alfa, Ahpo, Arkadia, Audrey the First, Bleu de Nimes (Refit), Boardwalk, C, Club M, Grace III, Koju, Moon Sand, Moonstone, Octopus, Path, Perserverance, Polaris, Resilience, Sanlorenzo 44 (Annabella), Top Five II, Victorious.

Edition: 2023

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