living muricidae of the world – muricinae


Sottotitolo: murex, promurex, haustellum, bolinus, vokesimurex and siratus

Autore: roland houart

Editore: conchbooks

ISBN: 9783939767596

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This volume comprises the introduction and the first part of the Muricinae: Murex s.s., Murex (Promurex), Haustellum, Bolinus, Vokesimurex and Siratus.

Each species is listed with the author’s name(s), the date of description, synonymy, distribution, description and some comments; the chresonymy is cited only for misidentified figures in recent publications dealing only with Muricidae.

The type locality and the type material are noted for species named after 1971, even if the name is now considered to be invalid.

Each species is illustrated in colour with many specimens, from the author’s collection, unless labelled otherwise. Other black and white illustrations, mostly in the text, illustrate some type specimens, while SEM photographs are provided for the radula and other details. Drawings or photos of the protoconch are provided for most of the species.

Edition: 2014

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