Sottotitolo: ancient predators in a modern sea

Autore: jorgensen s.

Editore: firefly books

ISBN: 9781770852334

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New insights into the world’s most-feared predator. Sharks are exquisite creatures refined and honed by competitive forces that have lived in balance with ocean prey for millions of years. They live in every ocean habitat on Earth, from shallow tide pools to the deep abyss and from the open ocean to where rivers meet the sea. In “Sharks” a top research scientist explores what has made sharks such successful predators, how they differ from other animals in their biological success and what unique advantages evolution has conferred. “Sharks” is illustrated with uniquely sourced photography demonstrating newly observed behavior, scientific findings and recent developments in our understanding of how they live. “Sharks” is both a spectacular visual celebration and a scientific document that explores in detail their unique physiology. Salvador Jorgensen has combined the latest discoveries of new species, newly-documented shark behavior and the best photographs, to give a “state-of-knowledge” picture of sharks. Unique pictures of shark births, recently discovered creatures from the “Ocean Census” research, and details of sharks’ skin, eyes, teeth and heads (including a comparison of nine different hammerhead varieties) make this a book every shark enthusiast will want. It will also debunk many myths about shark behavior and give libraries a true documentation of a very popular wild animal. “Sharks” features illustrated profiles of species living in the shallow reefs and also those living in the open ocean along with a unique “cladogram” family tree that opens into a gatefold and profiles every known species.

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