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nudibranchs of heron island, great barrier reef


Sottotitolo: a survey of the ophisthobranchia (sea slugs) of heron and wistari reefs

Autore: marshall j.g. willan c.r.

Editore: backhuys publishers leiden

ISBN: 750687718

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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This book, specifically recording the opisthobranchs of this locality, will be an indispensable aid to any visitor to the reef with more than a passing interest in natural history. Although entitled the “Nudibranchs of Heron Island” this book covers all groups of opisthobranchs. About half of the book (120 pages) consists of detailed descriptions of the nearly 300 species reported from Heron Island and adjacent Wistari Reef. Included for each species are descriptions of their external features and sections on each species’ habitat, distribution, synonymy and existing references. In many cases there is some information about their feeding biology or habitat preference and a comparison with related species.

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