dangerous marine animals


Sottotitolo: that bite, sting, shock or are non-edible

Autore: halstead b.w.

Editore: schiffer publishing = cornell maritime = tidewater

ISBN: 9780870334740

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)


What would you do if faced with a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy? Find out in this book, unquestionably the most authoritative compact guide to the world of underwater animals that are poisonous, venomous and electric. It is an excellent practical handbook for sailors, marine biologists, ecologists, naturalists, physicians, students and scuba divers (in short, anyone interested in the denizens of shallow marine waters and the deep). This new edition describes and fully illustrates these dangerous marine animals, their noxious effects, treatment of ailments resulting from them and, most importantly, how to avoid mishaps. More than two hundred illustrations, including many color photographs new to this edition, show the animals in their true forms and in their natural habitats.

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