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boatbuilding with baltek durakore


Autore: brown d.g.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780070082120

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Baltek’s Durakore is the most revolutionary boatbuilding material to come along since fiberglass. Boats made of DuraKore are stiffer, lighter, stronger, faster and easier to build than boats made from other materials. Here is the first guide to working with DuraKore, an essential manual for amateur builders interested in spending more time sailing their boats than building them and for one-off professionals interested in turning a profit.

– Setting up shop

– Working with DuraKore, epoxy and fiberglass

– Choosing the right design

– Planking, sealing, reinforcing and fairing

– Finishing the interior

– Dealing with problems

– Special advices on multihull construction