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boat joinery & cabinetmaking simplified


Autore: bingham f.p.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780070053076

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This book is about building things of wood, from a new cup rack to a completely new interior, but it isn’t just another project book. Bingham wisely assumes that many people want to be told how to perform neat joiner work rather than what to build. By starting with a simple task, such as a cleat, deck box or even a tool box and then proceeding to more ambitious projects, you develop the skills you need to build practically anything you can envision. Bingham’s joinery techniques and handy gimmicks (they appear on nearly every page of the book) were born of trial and error; he provides realistic alternative procedures for many of the projects, telling how to make them by Method A, Method B and Method C. The woodworking is discussed in such detail that just about anyone, including longtime professionals, is likely to find many useful tricks of the trade.