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boat interior construction


Sottotitolo: a bestselling guide to DIY interior boatbuilding

Autore: naujok m.

Editore: adlard coles nautical (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9781574091533

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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This popular book shows you, step by step, exactly how to:

– install gas and water pipes

– lay a teak deck

– install a marine toilet

– construct a chart table and navigation area

– fit comportable bunks

– build a really practical galley

– install heating and ventilation systems

– insulate an engine and panel a cabin for comfort

– fit a new hutch

– replace defective windows

It shows you which materials and tools to use and even how long the project will take to complete. Each detail is clearly explained with over 400 color photographs for those with few DIY skills. The techniques and procedures are applicable to every type of boat. In short, if you need guidance in making your cabin more convenient and comfortable, this book will give you all the help you need.