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ultimate surfing adventures


Sottotitolo: 100 extraordinary experiences in the waves

Autore: alderson a.

Editore: fernhurst

ISBN: 9780470710838

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Da procurare su richiesta

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This book takes you on a thrilling ride around the world best surfing spots. Stunning, full-page photographs put you at the heart of the action, while inspirational descriptions illustrate why each break is so unique. It’s perfect for planning your next surfari or, alternatively, allows you to indulge in some armchair surfing of breaks that only the most adventurous will ride. As well as classic waves around the Pacific, there is a wealth of the more unusual surf spots from Antarctica to Nova Scotia. Every is continent is covered and each entry is accompanied by useful informations such as the best season to surf, hazards to consider, how to get there and what to do when you’re all surfed out.