the world’s greatest cruises

Sottotitolo: explore – dream – discover

Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: monaco books (wolfgang kunth)

ISBN: 9783899448856

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Discover the breathtaking island world of the South Seas, hop between islands in the Aegean, fall under the spell of the Caribbean, experience the spectacular ice landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic, head to the North Cape on the post ship or journey down the Nile through the Kingdom of the Pharoahs.

This lavishly illustrated book features 18 carefully researched cruises to dream destinations. The routes and the key sites along them are all described in detail. The book includes full-page street maps of major cities and a wealth of useful information, including length, specific weather conditions, travel times and useful addresses. Specially drawn tour maps showcase each route, indicating key sights and their location and recommended side trips.

Whether you enjoy boat travel on a luxury cruise, a tranquil river trip or an independent island-hopping tour, “The world’s greatest cruises” will help you craft your trip of a lifetime.

Edition: 2012


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