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out of the blue


Sottotitolo: a journey through the world’s oceans

Autore: horsman p.

Editore: new holland

ISBN: 9781843309758

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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“Out of the blue” celebrates the diversity of the marine environment. It is a stunning portrayal of the wealth of living creatures, from seemingly unremarkable plants and plancton to the awe-inspiring giant squid and blue whale, which inhabit the world’s oceans.

– Discover white turtles migrate, how fish communicate, what lies behind the legend of the mermaid and where life originated

– Learn about the wide variety of different habitats that make up the watery parts of our world, from coral reefs to underwater mountains and the ocean floor

– Lavish photography reveals the beauty and splendour of ocean-dwelling animals and plants

– Paul Horsman’s inspiring text explains how all marine life plays a vital part in our planet’s ecosystem and how conservation of the ocean habitat is essential

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