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us navy diving technical manual


Autore: aa.vv.

ISBN: 30584396

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Volume 1 title: “A procedure for doing multiple level dives on air using repetitive groups”. Description from the abstract of the volume: “This report first reviews the origin of the current Air Repetitive Diving Procedures and examines in detail how the No-Decompression Repetitive Group Designation, the Residual Nitrogen Timetable and the Surface Interval Credit Table were calculated. In addition, several errors and inconsistencies in these tables are pinted out and discussed. Then, a procedure is developed based on using Repetitive Air Diving techniques for doing multiple level dives where no surface interval is taken”.

Volume 2 title: “Underwater cutting and welding”. Description from the foreword of the volume: “This revised manual will provide the most up-to-date procedures for underwater welding and cutting within the current state-of-the-art. It has been prepared with the assistance of some of the most experienced civilian and military divers in the United States Navy. Their combined expertise is evident in the quality and completeness of the information presented”.


Edition: 1995

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