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life support systems design


Sottotitolo: diving and hyperbaric applications

Autore: nuckols m.l. tucker w.c. sarich a.j.

Editore: simon and schuster

ISBN: 9780536596161

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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In this book, underwater physics, including the transport of light, heat and gases in and about the diver, are explored with particular emphasis on the effects of the hyperbaric exposures to the diver’s ability to function. An understanding of the uptake of inner gases in the human body at elevated pressures and decompression theory and its practice are covered. Carbon bioxide absorption processes are reviewed and a systematic procedure for CO2 scrubber design are studied. Hardware design methods for both conventional and saturation diving systems are presented, including the design of pressure vessels and environmental control systems for deep diving applications and the design of shallow-water open-circuit breathing apparatus.

Edition: 1996

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