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dive scotland’s greatest wrecks


Autore: macdonald r.

Editore: mainstream

ISBN: 9781840183344

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Scotland’s rugged coastline is littered with almost 20000 wrecks. Rod Macdonald has selected 14 of the most famous of these lying within the realm of the scuba diver, from the Sound of Mull wrecks such as the Hispania, Rondo, Thesis and Shuna to the Breda off Oban and HMS Port Napier off Skye. Rod also covers some of the world famous Scapa Flow wrecks such as the German WWI battleship Kronprinz Wilhelm and the light cruiser Coln. A full chapter is devoted to each wreck with a historical account of the vessel and its sinking followed by a detailed description of the wreck as it lies on the seabed today and essential information for the diver planning a visit. An indespensible aide to anyone interested in Scottish wreck diving.

Edition: 2000

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