the boat data book


Sottotitolo: the owners’ and professionals’ bible

Autore: nicolson i.

Editore: adlard coles (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9781574090444

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“The Boat Data Book” is a treasure trove of invaluable informations for boatowners, designers, builders, surveyors, chandlers and anyone maintaining their own boat. It contains tables of lengths, widths, weights and strengths as well as data on a vast range of equipment from anchors to masts, propellers to gas cylinders, cleat sizes to winch bases and hatches to bolts, bearings, cabling and piping. If you want to know what size winch to fit, the breaking strength of stainless steel rigging wire, the recommended size for seacocks or what length and size an anchor chain should be, then this is the book for you. “The Boat Data Book” is a must-have reference for owners and professionals.

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