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the superyachts 2001 (volume fourteen)


Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: boat international media ltd

ISBN: 151656986

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3 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Volume 14 of “The Superyachts” is published at a time when the industry is at its best. Builders yards are at full capacity and designers are universally busy. As such this volume has the pick of the bunch in terms of the 21 yachts that feature this year. Among these we are honoured to present the new Spanish Royal Yacht Fortuna, the newly refitted Phocea, the vision of the late Alain Colas and now one of the world’s most successful charter vessels. Of the remaining 19 sumptuous vessels, two are over 60-metres, the Feadship Lady Marina and the CRN-built Nvmptia, while a further nine are of 50-metres or above. This year the classics are represented by the glorious 32-metre ketch Thendara, recently brought back into fine condition by Southampton Yacht Services.

Yachts featured in this volume: • Atlantica • Atmosphere • Bellini • Benedetta 2 • Fortuna • Gallant Lady • Georgia • Intuition II • Invader • Kenora • Kisses • Lady Marina • Lionheart • Nectar of the Gods • Nvmptia< • Our Blue Dream • Phocea • Senses • Thendara • Tigre D’Or • Zingaro

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