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the superyachts 1998 (volume eleven)


Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: boat international media ltd

ISBN: 919403731

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4 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Volume 11 of “The Superyachts” is written in the “new golden age” of yachting. As the industry has undergone unprecedented growth within the last ten years, so has “The Superyachts” grown in size, content and stature, even devoting additional space to this year’s Register, detailling almost 600 yachts. Of the yachts reviewed this year, once again they have grown in size and, where possible, in quality. In terms of groundbreaking design, this edition sees the publication of Lord Norman Foster’s Izanami, whose angular superstructure and boldly simplistic interior set her aside from any other motor yacht design. Also flying the futuristic flag is Opus II, her sweeping, curvaceous lines being quite unlike most yachts of her size. For the discerning sailor, Te Vega must not be missed in this volume, her beautifully classic 1930’s design having been lovingly restored both inside and out in 1997.

Yachts featured in this volume: • A Khaliq • Accolade • Eco • Golden Bay • Gonca • Izanami • Katrion • Liberty • Marala • O’Pari • Opus II • Paraffin • Perfect Prescription • Quintessence • Sahab IV • Sally Ann • Sea Sedan • Silver Lining • Te Vega • Tigre D’Or • Waterford• A Khaliq • Accolade • Eco • Golden Bay • Gonca • Izanami • Katrion • Liberty • Marala

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