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Autore: van der wal o.

Editore: rizzoli new york

ISBN: 9780847863587

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The closest you’ll get on land to the feeling of being on deck, sailing through the eyes of a true master of both sail and lens.

This deluxe, grand-scale book is a voyage across America, capturing the joy, excitement and serenity of sailing in the waters of every region of the United States, from Puerto Rico to the tip of Alaska.

Over a lifetime devoted to boats and the pursuit of pleasure on water, the photographer Onne Van der Wal has accrued an unparalleled archive of the most evocative and beautiful photography of this great American sport. Organized by region and including competition yachts, leisure crafts and everything in between, the book presents stunning vignettes of every form of American sailing, from classic yacht racing around Newport (Rhode Island) to beautiful schooners drifting across the Great Lakes and from peaceful catamaran expeditions around the islands of Hawaii to handmade single-masters in the frozen waters of Alaska and intense Grand Prix races along the rocky coasts of the Pacific Northwest.

With 200 color photographs and several gatefolds that unfold into glorious panoramic images, this is a celebration of the nautical lifestyle and a love letter to an archetypal American pursuit that is so much more than a pastime for all those lucky enough to enjoy it.

Edition: 2019

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