riva aquarama


Sottotitolo: special edition

Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: assouline

ISBN: 9781649800664

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)


The only fitting way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Aquarama is with wise words, stunning pages and pictures that do justice to the legendary vessel.

This book has been produced by Assouline, an iconic name in international luxury publishing. It is a real work of art that tells the story of the most beautiful vessel of all time with visuals that will take your breath away.

After thousands of articles, photographs and films, the book will take readers on the ultimate, all-embracing journey through the world of the Aquarama: a mahogany masterpiece that was ingeniously conceived by Carlo Riva and is now a long-established part of the history of design, the nautical scene and living life to the fullest.

The Aquarama generates boundless joy, fast-tracks the forging of friendships and can help to establish love, affection and a family atmosphere, while playing a part in the best years of the lives of many different generations.

Each of its 220 pages will send a wave of sublime sensations flowing through you as you step on board a vessel whose graceful and nautical qualities are still the stuff of dreams 60 years after it was first launched.

This edition comes in a mahogany and maple wooden container that calls to mind Riva mahogany.

Language: English

Edition: 2022

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