Sottotitolo: american masterpieces

Autore: maynard bray – claas van der linde – benjamin mendlowitz

Editore: norton & company inc., w. w.

ISBN: 9780393089097

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4 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Elegant by design and spectacular in performance, thirty-six iconic Herreshoff boats are showcased in magnificent photographs and original drawings.

The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, led by its founding spirit, the brilliant designer Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (1848–1938), constructed the most thrilling, innovative and graceful boats ever built in the United States; not only lavish yachts and thoroughbred racing classes, but also daysailers and dinghies, weekend cruisers and motor launches. Marine historian Maynard Bray and Herreshoff expert Claas van der Linde, in collaboration with renowned nautical photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz, present the very finest of the Herreshoff designs afloat today, with insightful commentary on design evolution in every facet from lines to displacement to hardware, accompanied by full-color images of each vessel, both in detail and under way, as well as unique color reproductions of Herreshoff’s own archival plans and drawings. Each entry incorporates a history of the boat (or class), its owners, race results and fate, celebrating the many that still grace our waters.

Edition: 2017

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