777 harbours & anchorages pilot book – eastern adriatic


Sottotitolo: slovenia, croatia, montenegro, albania

Autore: dario silvestro – piero magnabosco

Editore: edizioni magnamare

ISBN: 9788862000482

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777 Eastern Adriatic – Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania has now reached its eighth edition in Italian. It was the first volume in our series of Mediterranean pilot books. In one single book you will find all you need to sail along the coastline from Slovenia to Albania. The graphics, comprised of a general chart of the area, along with chartlets and descriptions, have been improved by the addition of a latitude and longitude grid to help calculate distances, routes and positions. All the maps have been carefully oriented towards the north and updated after new direct and satellite surveys.

The scale of most of the plans has been enlarged to make them more readable and understandable. Many new bays, data and pictures of bays and ports have been included. The data collected is the outcome of careful research work and exhaustive surveys carried out by Piero Magnabosco and Dario Silvestri. In addition, many harbourmasters throughout the area have shared their local knowledge and data with the authors, for which they thank them most sincerely.

As usual, the authors have paid special attention to the anchorages and minor ports, which are the most interesting places for cruising yachtsmen. They have incorporated many historic, cultural and natural history details to facilitate greater knowledge and understanding of the sailing areas. Meteorological and oceanographic reports, sailing rules, limitations and restrictions of the protected marine areas make up a comprehensive and fundamental pilot guide for sailors in the Adriatic Sea.

  • 254 colour pages
  • A4 format
  • Paperback binding
  • 113 general charts
  • 804 nautical plans

Edition: 2017

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