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sensible cruising: the thoreau approach


Sottotitolo: a philosophic & practical approach to cruising

Autore: casey d. hackler l.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780877422884

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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If wisdom can be defined as common sense that has withstood the test of time, then “Sensible Cruising” is a wise book. It explains:

– Why a sensible cruise is affordable to almost anyone.

– Why the boat of choice for most cruisers is under 35 feet.

– Why lowering the cost doesn’t devalue the cruise.

– How simplicity minimizes insulation from the experience.

– How to think in terms of how little, not how much, is really required.

Drawing heavily on the philosophy of the sage of Walden Pond, this book is a gentle guide to the art of commonsense cruising which, in hardcover, was one of the 10 best-selling sailing books of all time. Now available for the first time in paperback, “Sensible Cruising”, a former main selection of the Dolphin Book Club, is more pertinent than ever during this time of economic retrenchment.

Edition: 1986

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