Sottotitolo: theory and practice – navigation manual

Autore: sergio guaita

Editore: edizioni il frangente

ISBN: 9788836101474

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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reference manual for all sea lovers, which includes all topics related to coastal and offshore navigation. An important colored iconographic essay, consisting of clear drawings, tables, illustrations, diagrams, completes the work and is of considerable help in learning the topics. The author accompanies the reader in the world of navigation, providing precise technical notions, not forgetting practical advice born from his remarkable experience.

Seafaring Theory and Practice deserves to find its own place in each on-board library as it is addressed to all the sailors, from those who love fast racing, to the beginner who ventures into the world of the sea and to the expert sailor, as precious support of consultation.


– Piloting and Dead Reckoning

– Cartography and Nautical Publications

– Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea

– Safety at Sea

– Steering and Manoeuvring

– Meteorology

– Celestial Navigation

– Communication at Sea

– Electronic Navigation

– The Diesel Engine

Edition: 2022

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