offshore sailing (RYA)


Autore: mcclary d.

Editore: the royal yachting association (rya)

ISBN: 9781906435493

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“Offshore Sailing” is exciting and brings adventure, discovery and freedom to those who undertake a long-distanced journey. For anyone who is going or thinking of going on such a passage, RYA “Offshore Sailing” is the essential companion. It discusses the fundamental characteristics of what does and what doesn’t make a good offshore cruising yacht and ensures that there is a perfect balance of practical information on safety, equipment, boat design and sails both for monohulls and multihulled boats. There is also excellent advice on how a skipper can make the journey as comfortable as possible for them and their crew. Chapters include:

– Crew Comfort

– Water Supply & Conservation

– Preparing for the Tropics

– Self-Steering

– The Energy Equation

It will appeal particularly to those planning to make an ocean crossing for the first time, either individually or as part of an organised rally. In doing so, it is likely that there will be a need to upgrade and equip the yacht to modern offshore standards for the voyage and to prepare it for the particular requirements of cruising in the tropics. RYA “Offshore Sailing” is sure to fire the enthusiasm of anyone looking to head for the clear waters of the open ocean.

Edition: 2011

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