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the rya book of outboard motors


Autore: bartlett t.

Editore: adlard coles (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9780713648485

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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This book is aimed at boat owners, rather than experienced mechanics. In clear jargon-free English, it explains how an outboard motor works and how to look after it. Covering both two stroke and four stroke engines, the author explains how the engine uses simple processes to convert fuel into power and then looks at the various subsystems that allow those processes to take place:

– the fuel system

– the ignition system

– the cooling system

– the oil system

– the electrical system

– propellers and the transmission system

– the control system

Finally, there are sections on routine maintenance and fault-finding, including a photo sequence showing the vital first aid required to save the life of an outboard engine that has been dropped overboard.

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