british warships of the second world war

Autore: roberts j.

Editore: chatham publishing

ISBN: 9781861761316

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Although World War II warships have been the subject of many books, it is extremely difficult to find reproductions of the plans from which the ships were built, converted or refitted. This large-format volume showcases a representative sampling of British ship plans from the archives of the National Maritime Museum collection at Greenwich, England. The author includes both pre-war and wartime plans of the principle classes (from aircraft carriers and battleships down to corvettes and landing craft). Each plan is reproduced at a size that ensures the relevant details of the vessel are visible. The largest vessels are represented over multiple pages that illuminate the complexity of the ships and their wartime modifications. For technical historians and ship modelers, this book is a unique primary source. For those with a general interest in ships, it is an attractive visual survey.


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