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the campaign of trafalgar


Sottotitolo: 1803-1805

Autore: gardiner r. (edited by)

Editore: caxton editions

ISBN: 9781861760289

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Trafalgar, the most famous and most strategically significant victory in the age of sail, was not an isolated event. Rather it was the culmination of a campaign that began as soon as war was resumed in May 1803 and aimed ultimately at the invasion of Great Britain. To this end Napoleon attempted by ruse and elaborately disguised manoeuvres to bring his scattered and blockaded squadrons together for long enough to give him command of the Channel, which he fondly believed was all that was necessary to ensure a successful landing. Therefore, this period becomes a perfect demonstration of the workings of seapower and reveals that, however great a strategic genius on land, Napoleon never really grasped the principles of British maritime defense, gleaned as it was from over two hundred years’ experience. This is not to say that the invasion threat was treated lightly, although some of the rumored devices belong to the world of science fiction; on the other hand, the anti-invasion operations included the first use of such futuristic weapons as torpedoes and rockets. Little of the naval warfare of this period is not in some way connected with the main campaign and this volume is devoted to the great wars of 1793-1815, charts all the major naval events of 1803 to 1805, including America’s first full-bloodied naval war, with the Barbary States.

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