recent & fossil indonesian shells


Autore: dharma b.

Editore: conchbooks

ISBN: 807941019

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This book is the first guide for both recent and fossil molluscan species of Indonesia. The Indonesian Archipelago lies in the tropical region at the junction of continental Asia and Australia and of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it figures many species which can also be found in other regions of the Indo-Pacific. The book provides illustrations of 1982 recent species from 171 families and 536 genera in 110 colour plates and of 723 fossil species from 113 families and 265 genera in 40 black and white plates. New records are reported of some marine species from Indonesian waters and some terrestrial species are illustrated in colour for the first time. Many new records of fossil species from Neogene rocks, especially from Java are reported for the first time.

Edition: 2005

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