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cowries and their relatives of southern africa


Sottotitolo: a study of the southern africa cypraeacean and velutinacean gastropod fauna

Autore: rune liltved w.

Editore: seacomber publications

ISBN: 9780620131070

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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It is the most comprehensive guide to the many unusual endemic Cypraea, Trivia and Ovulidae that are found in the waters of South Africa. It has color illustrations throughout and contains more than 300 color photographs. The shells are described and they are pictured with excellent quality photographs. Many photos show the living animals as well as the shells. The author is considered to be among the experts in the study of these shells. The title is a bit misleading since coverage of the book is not only the true cowries (Cypraea), but also includes related shells in the familes Ovulidae, Trividae and Eratoidae.

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