a summer on favignana


Autore: elvio malaspina

Editore: aoidos editore

ISBN: 9788894542288

5 disponibili (ordinabile)

5 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Eolo is a Genoese Labrador who finds himself spending his holidays on the island of Favignana at a particularly exciting moment. The local elections are approaching and behind the doors of the Town Hall the mayor and his deputies are struggling to come up with a new strategy for the upcoming campaign. Following an animated and bizarre discussion, the group becomes convinced that the only way to grab the islanders’ attention is to invite the Maharaja Circus from East India. Yet under the faded big top things are not quite as they seem: the business is on the rocks and the management is altogether incompetent. At least the employees – who are in fact Italian, and anything other than exotic – are on the same wavelength as Eolo. Amid sparkling evenings and a few too many drinks, things soon take an unexpected turn, catapulting the ragtag group of friends into a situation that is far from straightforward. A daring adventure lies ahead, and Eolo and his friends will have to draw on every ounce of their kindness and ingenuity. Will they manage to untangle a complicated problem?

Edizione: 2022

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