Sottotitolo: passport to the islands vol. 2

Autore: cavallo f. coretti a. lyward j.

Editore: sirene publishing

ISBN: 977263263200302

4 disponibili (ordinabile)

4 disponibili (ordinabile)

COD: 977263263200302 Categoria:


Printed on paper made from recycled algae and paper made from discarded residue of the leather manufacturing process.

A cross between an illustrated atlas, a seaside pilot book and a travel notebook, the Passports to the Islands are a new way to explore five Mediterranean islands: Formentera, Caprera, Pantelleria, Koufonissi, Kastellorizo. 

Illustrations, maps, drawings and texts, written with our ankles in the water, alternate with rigorous geographical data. An island has a soul and each Passport reveals the coordinates for you to discover it.

From history to flora, from anecdotes to the description of the coast and its beaches to water temperatures, the Passports capture the island’s smells, colors and emotions.

A special thanks to Mauro Coppadoro and Antonella Gaio.

Edizione: 2019

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