technical nautical dictionary

Sottotitolo: english/italian – italian/english

Autore: vincenzo mastropasqua

Editore: libreria f.lli bozzi s.n.c.

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From the author’s preface: “For over 30 years I have been carrying out refitting works, as a Licensed Marine Engineer.

The technical terms contained in this dictionary, which I have learnt on board British and American ships, are used by seamen to make themselves understood on foreign ships, where (as a rule) Englishg is spoken.

In this dictionary some technical terms are explained by a few words in brackets. After the infinitive of the irregular verbs, the past tense and the past participle are indicated in brackets.

The technical terms composed of two or more words are listed in alphabetical order after the original term to aid the translator in choosing them.

During the compilation of this dictionary I have consulted many British and American technical books existing in the Main Library of the Italian Navy”.

45000 words.

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 1967


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