octopus, squid & cuttlefish

Sottotitolo: a visual scientific guide

Autore: roger hanlon – mike vecchione – louis allcock

Editore: ivy press (quarto publishing group)

ISBN: 9781782405702

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A treasure trove of scientific fact and visual explanation offers a comprehensive review of these fascinating and mysterious marine invertebrates. There are over 700 species of cephalopod and their existence proofs that intelligence develops in very different ways (it is not by accident that these creatures are favourite models for science fiction and fantasy). While whale brains look somewhat similar to ours, cephalopods carry a large percentage of their brains in their arms.

They are capable of learning and of retaining information. They have eyes and other senses rivalling those of humans, they change texture and body shape and they change colour faster than a chameleon.

From the lone, inky hunting of the octopus to the social squid and the unusually large brained cuttlefish, “Octopus, Squid, & Cuttlefish” reveals the evolution, anatomy, life history, behaviours and relationships of these spellbinding creatures.

Edition: 2018


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