menorca for sport boats – all ports and all anchorages


Sottotitolo: the complete menorca chart set (charts, plans and panoramic photos)

Autore: kinzelmann p. synge m.

Editore: tula’s

ISBN: 9788461322749

1 disponibili (ordinabile)

1 disponibili (ordinabile)


– 2 large scale charts of the Balearic Islands

– 1 large scale chart of Canal de Menorca 1:499.200

– 1 large scale chart of Menorca 1:230.000

– 1 large scale chart of Menorca with GPS waypoints

– 5 large scale charts of Menorca coastline 1:85.000

– More than 60 detailed plans of the ports, bays and anchorages around Menorca.

– Photos and notes about weather in the Balearics and weather forecasts listings

Cm 21×29

Edition: 2017

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