riva humidor


Editore: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: LDM1675184198

Provided on request

Provided on request


It furnishes with elegance, shines with style, combines aesthetics and function: the Riva Humidor is the valuable object that will delight those who love the taste of a good cigar, even on board.

When it comes to wood, the creative talent of Riva’s master craftsmen is exalted. Hence the fine texture and high resistance of ebony for the external part and sapelli mahogany, the most classic of Riva woods, for the internal part. In fact, sapele mahogany is the ideal essence for maintaining the essential humidity that allows you to better savor the taste and aroma of the best cigars.

Inside, the golden chrome of the instruments and the Riva logo blend with refinement with the honey-colored shades of the wood, making opening the humidor an ever new emotion.

Dimensions: 40.5x25x14 cm

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